Triumph Equipment

Oilfield trucking throughout Western Canada

We are the trucking professionals of the north, leading the way with our high safety standards and reliability. Here is a brief overview of our fleet of trucking units that are here to serve across Canada.



Our Grove line of telescopic cranes range in capacity and are patented with top-of-the-line suspension systems and leading boom design.

picker-crane (1)

Picker Cranes

Our picker trucks are the best in the industry! Leading the way in capacity and payload capabilities.


Texas Bed Truck

Our Texas Bed Trucks are all high end Texas beds that include sleepers to be used as winch tractors. Also, they are Tri-Drive units loaded with all the bells and whistles to get the job done efficiently and safely!


Big Bed Tractors

Our Big Bed Trucks are Tandem Tandems with cutting edge equipment to handle all your moving needs.


Winch Tractors

Our winch tractor fleet consists of both tandem tractors and Tri-Drive tractors. Every unit is at the top of it’s class, filled with every tool needed to get the job done safely and efficiently!