Big Bed Trucks

Our Big Bed Trucks are Tandem Tandems with cutting edge equipment to handle all your moving needs.

 Double Set Back     Tulsa RN100 & Tulsa RN45 winches     Back-up cameras     Live rolls center and rear     Bed high trailers


Flat Bed Truck Fleet

Our Texas bed trucks have the latest technology and options available, truly the best in the oilfield industry. All of these trucks are built on Kenworth chassis.

The beds have been engineered to load 45,000lbs, which is triple the payload of standard texas beds.

All of our fleet goes through a rigorous maintenance program to ensure that it always remains at peak performance.


  • Double Set Back
  • Tulsa RN100 & Tulsa RN45 winches
  • Back-up cameras
  • Live rolls center and rear
  • Bed high trailers