Our Grove line of telescopic cranes range in capacity and are patented with top-of-the-line suspension systems and leading boom design.

 5-165 All Terrain     35 TMS9000E 110 ton

GTC-1200 Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane


  • Crane capacity 130 US ton (120t)
  • 5-section boom 155 ft (47.2m)

Jib Options:

  • 12.5 ft (3.8m) heavy lift jib.
  • 33.5 ft (10.2m) / 59.1 ft (18.0m) bi-fold jib.
  • 105 ft (32m) long jib.

Maximum Lifting Height:

  • 160 ft (48.8m) (boom).
  • 269 ft (82m) (jib).

165 Ton All Terrain Crane

Grove all-terrain cranes deliver powerful lifting performance, superior off-road mobility and fast highway speeds. Combine these benefits with industry leading reliability, service and support and you’ll agree that Grove all-terrain cranes are a smart choice for your business.


  • 197 foot Main Boom
  • 105 feet of Jib sections for a max of 302 feet
  • Twin locking telescoping boom
  • Full function remote system
  • 165 ton capacity
  • Generation 2 ECOS

110 Ton Truck Mount Crane

This crane comes with a Grove MEGAFORM™ boom shape which eliminates weight and increases capacity compared to conventional shapes. The unique TWIN-LOCK™ boom pinning system automatically pins the sections in position using two horizontal large diameter pins. It has a counterweight that can be removed from the superstructure cab — allowing for easy transport to and from the job site.


  • 142 foot main boom
  • 56 feet bifold hydraulic boom extension for a max of 198 feet
  • Hydrolic removable counterweights
  • EKS- 5 LMI system with ECOS
  • 110 ton capacity