Picker Cranes

Our picker trucks are the best in the industry leading the way in capacity and payload capabilities.

45 Ton Picker

These pickers will haul 10,000 lbs more payload than any smaller pipe trucks. They are able to legally and safely load and haul 11,000 lbs of 8 x 40 sheets of rig matting. Equipment that used to be riddled with safety concerns, we are now picking with ease, insuring secure and reliable hauling.

The 45 ton picker possesses a 96′ horizontal reach and a 106′ vertical reach, while picking 90,000 lbs at 8.5′ from the center of rotation.

The 45 ton picker has a 110′ horizontal reach and a 121′ vertical reach and is the largest picker in the oilfield. It picks 103,000 lbs at 8.5′ from the center of rotation.

Picker Cranes

Our picker trucks range from single combination to Tandem Tridem Combinations. All units are equipped with Manitex cranes with state-of-the-art computer systems!


  • 45 ton Tandem Tridem 96’ – 110’ of stick capable of 100k lbs.
  • Picker highboy trailers for each unit.

130 Ton Telescopic Crawler Crane


  • 130-tons pick-and-carry capacity through 360°.
  • Two-piece bi-fold (33.5′ / 59.1’) lattice boom extension & offsettable jib for up to 229ft tip height
  • Heavy Lift Jib – 12.5 ft, 88,000 lb maximum capacity
  • Optional – 2 piece lattice jib inserts for 105′ total jib for up to 269 ft lifting height
  • Tadano AML-C LMI system
  • Work area limitations with soft stop
  • Winches with grooved drums, cable followers and 3rd wrap shutdown
  • Self Erecting Crane
  • Carbody Jacks with radio remote control and self leveling feature
  • Unladen ground bearing pressure of 15.2 psi
  • Hydraulic on-the-fly track frame retraction and extension
  • Automatic lubrication system for slewing ring and boom pin
  • 360 degree house lock
  • Hello-Net Telematics
  • 3 remote control work lights
  • 3 video cameras for winch view, rear view, and blind side view