50 Ton Cranes

These pickers will haul 10,000 lbs more payload than any smaller pipe trucks. They are able to legally and safely load and haul 11,000 lbs of 8 x 40 sheets of rig matting. Equipment that used to be riddled with safety concerns, we are now picking with ease, insuring secure and reliable hauling.
The 45 ton picker possesses a 96′ horizontal reach and a 106′ vertical reach, while picking 90,000 lbs at 8.5′ from the center of rotation.
The 50 ton picker has a 110′ horizontal reach and a 121′ vertical reach and is the largest picker in the oilfield. It picks 103,000 lbs at 8.5′ from the center of rotation.

Cranes and Picker Trucks are the Heavyweights

Heavy Picking

In oilfield drilling, there’s plenty of heavy lifting and this requires dependable cranes, picker trucks and other equipment that can move, lift and lower loads efficiently. The cranes are mounted on heavy-duty trucks that can move from over 10,000 lbs. of material to as much as 100,000 lbs. from the center of rotation. Their huge reach ensures safe and reliable handling of the heavy and cumbersome materials used in the oil drilling operation.

Wirelining in the Oilfield

We use our cranes to perform wirelining jobs, a major part in an oilfield drilling process. Wirelining is a type of cabling technology used to lower equipment or measuring instruments into a well when intervention is needed, or when the operator must evaluate the reservoir. The cable used in wirelining is equipped with devices that measure radiation, porosity, lithology, oil-water contacts, sound waves, nuclear magnetic resonance, cement bond, casing depth correlation and other characteristics to indicate the condition of the well.
Because the wireline cable depends on gravity, electrical tools known as tractors are used to push the cable through the hole, especially when the well is horizontal or does not drop straight down. The cable is wound around the spool on the surface or on a portable spool at the back of a wireline picker truck. A winch on the truck turns the spool, lowering or raising the cable into or out of the well.
Due to the extreme weather conditions that often exist in the Canadian oilfield, our heavy cranes and picker trucks are specially-designed and equipped to operate flawlessly under varying temperatures. They are equipped with sophisticated electronics to keep the crane operator constantly informed about lifting conditions so adjustments can be made immediately.