Camp Transportation

Oilfield Camp Transportation and Hauling

An oilfield camp relocation is a major logistical move; including taking down accommodation, hauling all the equipment, and setting up oilfield accommodation. It requires precise planning, accurate timing and the right hauling resources. Safety and speed are two major considerations in relocating an oilfield camp.

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Mobilizing Oilfield Camp Accommodations

Transporting Trailers and Shacks

To relocate service rig camps under oftentimes severe weather conditions demands know-how and technology that only experienced movers like Triumph Oilfield Hauling can provide. The rigs have to be dismantled, loaded on the right trucks, hauled to the new site and set up with zero damage to personnel and equipment. Setting up the new site quickly and efficiently means that oilfield operators can start business as soon as possible.

Oilfield Hauling Equipment

A range of trucks can be required for moving camps including trucks fitted with the right cranes, winch tractors, and bed trucks. Triumph’s top of the line equipment meets the needs of any type of camp transportation effort. Many parts of an oil rig are sensitive to damage making the trucks with the proper handling equipment a critical part of the relocation operation. The right equipment must also be operated by relocation personnel, like those at Triumph; who have the necessary training, skill and experience in this type of activity.

Rigging in Worker Camps

Setting up the necessary oilfield accommodation is just as important as rig hauling and has its own special requirements. Oilfield accommodation must be adequate and comfortable enough for a work force that is both well-trained and highly-skilled, providing a place to rest after long and difficult days of work on the rigs. The structures and amenities needed for oilfield accommodation must be proven capable of withstanding the often harsh environments in which oil fields are set up.

Oilfield accommodation can consist of trailers, trailer houses, modular base camps, shacks, movable offices, well-sites and other types of units. These structures are rugged but highly portable and comfortable, while providing the necessary services for living in the Canadian oilfield. Oilfield accommodation moves require hauling resources and experienced personnel to both pack up and set up the accommodations in minimum time so oilfield workers can start functioning at once.

Oilfield camp relocation, including accommodation moves, is often entrusted to specialized hauling companies like Triumph with the right hauling equipment and experienced personnel. By doing so, an oilfield drilling operator can realize optimum savings in time, manpower and equipment.