Frac Support

Frac Transportation Support Services

We work closely with rental companies throughout western Canada to provide effective frack equipment transportation services. Our strict adherence to safety, and wealth of industry experience ensures that you receive quick and reliable support.Our team excels in transporting all types of heavy equipment used for fracking, including rig mats, manifolds, tanks and more. The top of the line pickers that we use are able to quickly position and stand 400 bbl tanks.We are also able to transport and help set up frac ponds.

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Frac Farms

We have set up countless tank farms now, and continue to excel in providing the essential transportation services for these frack operations. Our skilled operators in our state of the art picker cranes are able to safely and quickly have your frac farm up and running in no time. Hauling 400bbl tanks and other frack equipment between leases is handled effortlessly at Triumph. Our swampers are fully involved in setting up farms, helping rental companies get the job done right.

Frac Ponds

The team at Triumph is quick to adapt to new techniques being used in the oilfield, and we have quickly risen to the challenge to specialize in creating frack ponds. These large resevoirs can provide valuable cost savings on large frac jobs, and we have the hauling expertise for efficient set-up and take down.