OIlfield Hauling

Oilfield Hauling

We provide many key services to the oilfield industry, including rig moves, wire lining, camp transportation, and coiled tubing. Our fleet of pickers and trucks are able to lift the most danger prone pieces of equipment with ease. Triumph operators are a part of a diligent safety training program, and reflect the safety first attitude that runs through our company. Our team harnesses countless years of oilfield experience to provide the best hauling service around for our clients, which is why they keep coming back. No matter what your picker or hauling need is, we will find a solution for you.

Oilfield Hauling Equipment

A range of trucks can be required for moving camps including trucks fitted with the rightcranes, winch tractors, and bed trucks. Triumph’s top of the line equipment meets the needs of any type of camp transportation effort. Many parts of an oil rig are sensitive to damage making the trucks with the proper handling equipment a critical part of the relocation operation. The right equipment must also be operated by relocation personnel, like those at Triumph; who have the necessary training, skill and experience in this type of activity.